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Safeguarding Adults

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The Cumbria Safeguarding Adults Board are a group of people who work together to help people in Cumbria keep safe from harm or abuse.  The Board has a lot of different people including Adult Social Care, NHS and the Police.

We have two easy read booklets which tell you more about safeguarding adults:

'Keeping People Safe' tells you:

  • what we are doing to keep people safe in Cumbria,
  • what abuse is and
  • who you should tell, if you are worried someone is being abused or neglected.

'Seven Steps to Keep People Safe' tells you:

  • who can help and
  • what happens in Cumbria, when anyone reports abuse or neglect of anyone aged 18 or over.

Please tell someone and get help if you are worried.  You can call:

  • Adult Social Care on 01228 606060 during office hours,
  • Adult Social Care on 01228 526690 for urgent calls in the evening and at weekends or
  • the Police on 101.

Easy Read Page

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